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The Body in the Library

The Body in the Library - Agatha Christie I love Miss Marple! At least, I love the Miss Marple on Masterpiece Mystery!. Until I picked up The Body in the Library, I had never actually read any Agatha Christie. I selected this one because it is an early Miss Marple book and I couldn't remember seeing they Mystery! version. I love it just as much as I love the movies.

Needless to say, the maid as found the body of a woman in the library and Jane must save the reputation of her dear friends husband or it shall destroy him forever! Jane's keen scense of observation helps her see what the police cannot and find clues the police would have missed. She is not a prominate charater in this story which is not surprising because sometimes the police just do not want her help.

This book is a quick read that kept me turning the pages until Miss Marple explained 'who dunnit.'