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Landline - Rainbow Rowell More like 3.5 of 4 stars.

This is the first book by Rainbow Rowell that I’ve ever read. It was the first selection in Book Riot’s Riot Read and I nice light read to kick off a book club.

Georgie McCool is a thirty-something sitcom writer that has been married to her college sweetie since, well, college. She mostly has everything people are supposed to have: a couple of kids, a successful career that is about to break big, a nice house, and a loving husband. Well, maybe. Georgie and Neal have fallen into the same rut that most couples do and their relationship is in trouble.

In order to get her big break in showbiz, Georgie has to duck out of Christmas with Neal’s family in Omaha. To her surprise, Neal decides to take the kids and go without her instead of staying home with her. One night, while at her parents house, Georgie calls Neal from a landline in her old room because she has the worst cell phone battery in the history of cell phones. She manages to talk to Neal but quickly realizes this isn’t Neal her Husband but Neal her College Boyfriend.

Can she use this connection to save her marriage? Or should she change history use this connection to “break up” with Neal before they have a chance to be unhappy?

This is a cute story, rather predictable, but enjoyable nonetheless. I found it to be a nice palate cleansing book to read after that big “heavy” read that weighs on the mind for days after finishing.