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Orders is Orders

Orders is Orders - L. Ron Hubbard Disclaimer: I won a free copy of this book through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway. Thanks to the publisher, Galaxy Press, for providing this copy.

Orders is Orders is about a couple of Marines sent on the difficult mission of reaching a U.S. Consulate office 200 miles inland from the coast of China. No big deal if it weren't for the invading Japanese that have pretty much decimated the route needed to reach their destination.

The story is pretty straight forward and nothing really surprising happens. There are a couple other characters that are picked up along the way but none of them are really developed. Of course, it is a quick story. I think the goodreads listing says that it has a 168 pages but only 120 of them are for the story.

I'm not a fan of Hubbard's work but I would say this is the best one of his works that I've read. If you have a few hours that need killing and you want something light to read, this is a good option.